2 April 2017


If you have customers, IoT applies to your business. Isn’t it time that you incorporate the IoT into your 2022 strategy?

IoT for Your Company

Each company has improvable areas and needs different approach. The latest IoT developments will likely allow you and your workers to accomplish large-scale tasks faster and with greater accuracy. You may find that you need fewer staff members, or else you’ll be able to scale operations in new areas that allow you to expand your business.

IoT for Your Customers

You need to shift away from the traditional approach of producing, selling, and delivering a product. We are helping you to find new and profitable revenue streams in the form of value-add services.

Services we provide:

Consulting Services

Understand how the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 will impact your company, identify new IoT business models, and create an individual road map to success.

  • Define new addressable market segments, products, services, and business models
  • Identify the key capabilities and technologies needed to reach your desired IoT maturity level
  • Establish how key IoT capabilities will function
  • Define initial IoT use cases – and create a clear strategy and road map to success

Partnering & Proof of Concept Services

See how an IoT application will work before you implement it. We’ll provide you a demo version of your service and connect it to real devices and sensors so you can see it in action.

  • Get in contacted with best-in-class partners for tailored solutions
  • Receive an affordable demo with your own service/device data
  • Create an optimal and re-usable basis for an IoT implementation project
  • Build a strong IoT business case and get the buy-in needed to industrialize the solution