4 April 2017

Reference Projects

Acıbadem Mobile Health and Avea – Chronic Disease Management System

User-friendly solution that can communicate with any Bluetooth and USB enabled device and can serve up to 4 patients and 4 different medical devices in the same place. Patients will be able to share instantly their medical data with their doctors and hospitals from everywhere through AVEA GSM infrastructure by pressing only one button of their medical devices. If there is a result out of predetermined values, a warning data will immediately reach to patient’s doctor and the Medical Call Centre.

Danone Hayat Water Connected Cabinet Solution

Danone Connected Cabinet Solution is mainly to monitor unauthorised moves and cut thefts. And also able to: – Prevent stores from using your cabinets for competitor products. – Troubleshoot cabinet devices remotely, change internal settings, reboot and run diagnostic test. Knowing what and when and where faults occur helps to minimise on-site visits. – Make sure cabinets are not switched off to save electricity, resulting in poor product quality and lower sales.

Aviva (UniCo) and Vodafone Have Launched UBI Product to Decrease Insurance Fee by %25

Vodafone and Aviva created a car insurance product priced by how you drive.

Advantages For Aviva:

  • Reduce Customer Churn
  • Boost Profitability
  • Improve Driver Safety
  • Reduce Fraud
  • Introduction of value-added services to drivers

Pirelli Cyber Fleet Solution – Turkey Launch

Pirelli’s commitment towards end user is to offer, besides the right performing tyre for each application / need, a solution to ensure that the tyre is correctly and properly managed during its life, thus enhancing fleet managers to get higher efficiency level.